Works in Progress: No List

In past Works in Progress posts, I often posted The List of projects currently in the works. I’m going to put that on hold right now. I have a newborn. I need to focus on just one thing at a time. And this week, it’s my project for Moda Bake Shop. I currently have a pile of 300-and-some squares with little triangles sewn to one side. I have close to 200 more to complete. Then, it’s time to trim the extra white, iron the pieces, trim the squares back to 2.5 inches and make a quilt. Whoo-hoo!

Bake Shop Wip


Five little zippered pouches

A couple weeks before Aurora was born, some friends hosted a brunch for me. Because this is baby #3 for me, I was really humbled that they still wanted to have a baby “sprinkle” in my honor. It’s always nice to have a reason to get together with your girl friends, I guess! I decided to make them each a little hostess gift.

Five zippered pouches

Because I decided on this project late, these are simple, “no frills” zip pouches. Just outside, lining, and a fun colored zipper.

Five zippered pouches

They are each about 8 x 4.5 inches, if I remember correctly, so they will work well for a little wallet or cosmetic bag or a place to keep smaller items in a larger bag.

Five zippered pouches

I tried to choose the fabrics that reminded me of each friend, or that I already knew they liked. I hope they enjoy their little bit of handmade fun!

Five zippered pouches

The Road Trip Ends (Finally!)

I am beyond thrilled to finally have finished this quilt. For awhile there, I was convinced I would never finish it. The process was long. Though only a twin sized, this is the largest quilt I have quilted on my home machine and I was using this project to learn free motion quilting, so I was definitely taking baby steps toward the finish.


Since this is the quilt from my Road Trip Quilt Along, each block represents a state, so I quilted the state names below each block (can you see it?).


This is one of my favorite quilted blocks. I love the look of the flowers and half flowers, and I feel like I was finally getting a grasp on free motion quilting by the time I quilted this block, so it looks nice and even as well.

IMG_6714 IMG_6715

The back is pieced and includes a lot of my scraps from working on the Quilt Along blocks, as well as a couple of rejected blocks.


I did a nice back and forth loop on the border (inspired by Amylouwho on instagram) with flowers in the corner. I love the stripe-y yellow and gray binding.


I am so proud of this quilt and the fact that I used it to learn free motion quilting. It’s reassuring to see my physical progress. I definitely need lots more practice, but you can see how far I’ve come. Below, you can see some pebbling I did in one of the first blocks I quilted on the left, and on the right, the same pattern in one of my later blocks.


This quilt has taken residence in the living room, and in addition to a quilt, it has already been an elevator, the ocean, a hideout, and an animal home. I am sure it will be well-loved by our family!



More fun finishes from the quilting world at Crazy Mom Quilts and Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday.

A lovely year of finishes: for Brian

I have been meaning to play along with A Lovely Year of Finishes, and here we are, month #3 month #4 (I really did write month #3 first. shit. where has the time gone?!) of 2013 and this is my first goal post (that’s goal setting blog post, not the goal post from the end zone). Though, if one finishes a goal for the month, it’s kind of like a touchdown, isn’t it? I’ll go with yes!


I started a quilt for Brian ages ago. I wanted to be finished with it before baby girl #3 arrived. Well, she’s here, so that didn’t happen! I wanted to be finished before Brian moved into his new house. He moved in this week, so that didn’t happen either.

Brian's quilt top: turning twenty again

However, the top is finished. And so is the back. And the whole quilt sandwich is off visiting a friend with a long arm who has offered to quilt it for me. So, assuming I get the quilt back in time my March APRIL! (I did it again) goal is to bind it and mail it off to Brian.

Brian's quilt top: turning twenty again

The question remains: to hand sew the binding or to machine sew the binding? What do you think??