One project at a time

I am working on one project right now. This is very strange for me, as I am usually one to have many irons in the fire. But this I want DONE! Though, when I say I’m working on one project, I really mean one sewing project, because the truth is, the MAJOR project around here right now is packing up our entire lives to move half way across the country.

I am flying out tomorrow night with the baby to spend 2 days looking for a house. Oh, I’m just going to go by a house. No big deal, right? (Please note the sarcasm as I am totally freaking out!) I’ll be back Thursday afternoon. My parents will arrive Friday. Meanwhile, we are having a birthday party for my almost 5-year-old Saturday (we really need to do this as it will be her last chance to see her Virginia friends. Sad.), moving container arrives Monday, is picked up Wednesday, and Thursday we load up and GO! HELP!!

Anyway, back to that sewing project: the top is DONE! I started out with 496 little squares and sewed on 496 little triangle. And now, they are all together as one happy little quilt top.


With borders!


And a couple nights ago, I actually got up out of bed to go downstairs and baste the thing. Ridiculous. But probably the only time I could have had the space in the kitchen to do that. There are boxes EVERYWHERE! Now to quilt and bind. Might be shooting high to finish before the move, but that’s what I’m shooting for!

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