Road Trip Quilt Along: New Jersey

Okay, time to head to New Jersey. Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about New Jersey, but I’ve got a good friend who lives there and it’s called the “garden state” so it sounds lovely enough, right? (Let’s just forget about all the Jersey Shore stereotype and focus on the “garden”, okay? We all love a nice garden, and you are going to love this block!)

There are a number of different ways this block could be put together. Possibilities I’m using include use mostly half square triangles or make the “legs” of the x a single piece of fabric. Instead, I’ll show you how to construct this block as a 3×3 grid made up of flying geese and half square triangles.

Road Trip Quilt Along 2013: New Jersey

Cutting directions for New Jersey quilt block:

From background fabric (gray for me):
(4) 2.5 inch x 4.5 inch rectangles

From fabric 2 (dark pink):
(1) 3-1/8 inch square (for center on point square)
(6) 3-inch squares (to use in the corner half square triangles)

From fabric 3 (yellow-gold):
(4) 2.5-inch squares
(12) 3-inch squares
*6 of these will be paired with dark pink to make HSTs
*sub-cut 2 of these on the diagonal to make 4 triangles to use around the center on-point square
*4 of these will be used to make flying geese

From fabric 4 (dark orange):
(1) 5.25 inch square (used to make 4 flying geese)

Road Trip Quilt Along: New Jersey

Construct the block

1. Make the center square.
Use the 3-1/8 inch square of Fabric 2. Along each edge, sew a triangle from 1/2 of a 3-inch square. Trim the center square to 4.5 inches.

Road Trip Quilt Along: New Jersey

2. Make 12 half square triangles using (6) 3-inch squares of Fabric 2 and (6) 3-inch squares of Fabric 3. For a review of how to make HSTs, please revisit the Maryland tutorial. Trim each finished HST to 2.5-inches.

3. Make 4 flying geese using the 5.25 inch square of Fabric 4 and (4) 3-inch squares of Fabric 3. This is my favorite method for flying geese, but it works best when you need 4 (or multiples of 4) geese.

The first step is similar to how you make a HST. Begin by aligning two 3-inch squares in opposite corners of the 5.25-inch square. Draw a line from corner to corner, bisecting both of the smaller squares.

Sew a 1/4 inch line of stitches to each side of line you just drew. Cut the piece apart on the drawn line.

Road Trip Quilt Along: New Jersey

Iron the small triangles up away from the large triangle you created with your cut.

Road Trip Quilt Along: New Jersey

Align the remaining 3-inch squares in the remaining “empty” corner of the larger triangles. Again, draw a line bisecting the square into 2 triangles. The line will begin at the “empty” corner of the large triangle and end between where the two smaller triangles are attached.

Road Trip Quilt Along: New Jersey

Sew a line of stitches 1/4 inch to each side of the line you drew and cut the piece apart on the drawn line.

Road Trip Quilt Along: New Jersey

Iron the final small triangle open. Trim the flying goose to 4.5 inches x 2.5 inches.

Road Trip Quilt Along: New Jersey

4. Put together the sub-units of the block.
4a. Sew each flying goose unit to a 4.5 x 2.5 inch rectangle of background fabric along the long edge of the center triangle.
4b. Combine 3 half square triangles with (1) 2.5 inch square of Fabric 3 as seen below.

Road Trip Quilt Along: New Jersey

5. Sew the 9 sub-units into rows, sew the rows together, and your done! Don’t forget to share your block in the Road Trip Quilt Along Flickr group!

Road Trip Quilt Along: New Jersey

Linking this up as my finish this week.

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  1. carla
    carla says:

    Interesting tutorial – I wouldn’t have thought to make it with flying geese, but now that you have, why didn’t you make four flying geese for the purple/yellow at the ends of the cross? You could have done one flying geese and one HST instead of 3 HST’s, right? I’m still relatively new to this so maybe there’s something I’m missing?

  2. Jes
    Jes says:

    I was wondering if you have the patterns for the rest of the blocks? I’m working on a memory quilt for my step mom in honor of my dad who passed, and they always did road trips, and this quilt you have designed would be perfect. I’d appreciate the help! 🙂

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