Road Trip Quilt Along: Virginia

Hello and welcome to the first stop on the Road Trip Quilt Along: Virginia. This quilt along was born last summer when my family travelled through a total of 16 states in 8 weeks. In order to keep myself sewing while we were away, I decided to make a quilt block to represent each state we travelled through. This year, the road trip isn’t really happening, but the blocks we’ll be making represent states that are contiguous, so this is a hypothetical road trip, and you really could travel this route if you desired. When we are finished, we will have 12 blocks representing states from the northeastern United States.

Last year’s road trip also began in Virginia, and I showed you how to make a Virginia Star. This year, we’ll make something else to represent Virginia: the Virginia Reel (though, as of 2 weeks ago, I no longer live in Virginia. Perhaps next year we’ll begin our road trip in Missouri!).

Cutting directions:

*note: the block can be made with 2 different fabrics, rather than 4, as I used. If using 2 fabrics, you will need 2 center squares of each color.*

Center: Cut a 2-inch square of each color.

Radiating triangles: *You will need 1/2 squares (cut in half on the diagonal) of each color. If you are using 2 fabrics, you will use both halves. If you are using 4 fabrics, you will only use one half.*

Cut a square of each color in each of the following sizes:
3-1/8 inch
4 inch
5-1/4 inch
7 inch

Cut each square in half on the diagonal to make two triangles.

Road Trip Quilt Along: Virginia Reel tutorial

Construct the Virginia Reel block

All seams are 1/4 inch.

Sew the 4 center squares into a 4-patch. If using 2 fabrics, alternate their placement so a square is not adjacent to one of the same fabric. If your seam allowances are accurate, you should have a 3.5 inch 4-patch block.

Road Trip Quilt Along: Virginia Reel tutorial

Add the first round (smallest) triangles. The bottom left corner of each triangle should be touching the square of the same fabric. Trim this block to 4.75 inches square.



Add the next larger size triangle. Again, the bottom left corner of the triangle should be touching the triangle from the same fabric.

Road Trip Quilt Along: Virginia Reel tutorial

Trim the block to 6.5 inches.

Road Trip Quilt Along: Virginia Reel tutorial

Continue in the same manner for the two remaining rounds of triangles. Trim the resulting block to 9 inches, and finally to 12.5 inches.

Road Trip Quilt Along: Virginia Reel tutorial

I cut out a second center square of each color and used my other 1/2 square triangles to make a second block.

Road Trip Quilt Along: Virginia Reel tutorial

Easy, right? I thought this was a really fun block. Come and share yours in the Road Trip Quilt Along Flickr group!


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  1. Green
    Green says:

    What a beautiful block. And nice tutorial. I have seen a block similar to this but didn’t make any attempt to find out how it was made, but this is not as hard as the finished product looks. If I get to do any sewing this weekend, I might have to make one of these for me. Thanks!

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