Lonely #sewingroomcleanup

Have you been cleaning your sewing space this weekend? Did you link up your mess before picture in this blog post? You didn’t? Okay, I’ll wait while you go take a picture of your sewing space right now and put it out there with the promise to clean it up over the next 10 days. Don’t hide that “creative explosion”, show it off, but also, clean it up. I promise you will be more inspired and efficient in your newly (re-)tidied space. September 3rd, we’ll reveal our “after” spaces.

Meanwhile, I’ve been posting a few photos of my disastrous sewing space on Instagram with the hashtag #sewingroomcleanup.

So far, it’s just me. Which is fine, actually, because I really do want to have a usable sewing space again. But cleaning is so much more tolerable when you’re not doing it alone. Misery loves company? So, don’t leave me hanging, show me what you’re cleaning up over there!

Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday

I am so happy to have this finish this week.

But I can’t show it to you. Sorry. I know, so disappointing. I’m such a tease.

It’s my first project tutorial for Moda Bakeshop, so I have to wait until it posts there before I can really share. However, I will show this cute baby with a sneaky peek of the quilt.

Baby on a quilt

I’ll let you know when the tutorial is available so you can see the whole thing.

As for other finishes, there haven’t been any of those. My sewing room currently looks like this:

Sewing room clean up before

Actually, I now have more than one shelf in the closest! My aspirations to have this space set up and ready to use were more ambitious than I anticipated. Turns out, it’s extra tough to move into a house and unpack while simultaneously going about the day-to-day task that come with living in a space!

I hope to have more projects up and going soon. Meanwhile, I’m going to spend the next couple weeks getting this room in order bit by bit and I want you to clean up your space along with me. It’s a Sewing Room Clean-up Along! If today isn’t enough and you want more linky fun (you know you do), hop over to the Sewing Room Clean-Up Along post and show me your messy space. In two weeks, we’ll share our nice, neat space!

Hope you have a space to get some sewing done! What have you finished this week?

Sewing Room Cleanup Along: BEFORE

aka: get it under control
aka: I really need to sew

Last week, we got to tour a whole lot of sewing spaces through the Studio Spotlight series at Ellison Lane. I just love that. So much fun to see where others sew, to drool over those who are blessed with a huge designated crafting space, to be inspired by those who make a small space work. You could link up your own space. I didn’t. I’m about to show you why (insert suspenseful music here: dum-dum-DUUUUM).

Our new house has a little sitting room just off the master bedroom. It could be used as a nursery or an office, but my husband gave me free reign to use this as a sewing room. Don’t think he’s too benevolent, he just didn’t want my fabric vomit in the main area of the house!

It’s a little room, about 9 x 10 feet, but when it’s functional, that’s 90 square feet that all mine! Right now, though, it’s definitely NOT functional.

This is the back of the room, looking in from the master bedroom. Look! There’s a closet with just one shelf. Isn’t that useful. And a pile of envelopes for the “Secret Project” I’m working on. I’m still waiting for a few more of those envelopes, and I need to get this space in shape so I can bust out that project.

Sewing room clean up before

The other corner in the back of the room is below. The stack of white baskets is where my fabric is usually located, but it’s currently hiding inside cardboard boxes. I’m looking forward to being reunited.

Sewing room clean up before

Okay, now we’re standing with our backs against the back wall, looking out into the master bedroom. Somebody left a sleeping baby on my bed. There’s my cutting table, on its side. That’s useful.

Sewing room clean up before

And the final corner of the room. I took the door off because they opened into the room against the wall, and with this little room, I figured I could use all the wall space I had. That ironing board really needs a new cover. There’s a stack of mdf shelves, which will go into the one shelf closet you saw in the first photo.

Sewing room clean up before

So there you have it. There’s a lot of work to do in here. How’s your space looking? Come on, be honest. Go right now and take some photos. I want to see those stacks of fabric that you pulled and never used, your cutting table that is more WiP storage than cutting area, the pens and pins scattered across your sewing table, and the things on the floor that really shouldn’t be on the floor!

Seriously, this is The Before. We are going to get our spaces in order together and then we can brag about great they are after. Not to mention, it’s so refreshing to be creative in a space that’s been cleaned up.

We’ll check in next week and in two weeks, we’ll post our “after” photos. It will be our own little sewing studio tour for those of us whose spaces weren’t in any shape to show off this week! If you’re on Instagram, post progress pics with hashtag #sewingroomcleanup.

Are you with me?

Missing you

I’m really missing the interaction that I usually look for in this awesome online sewing and quilting community. I’m also missing my sewing time as there has been very little of that lately.

Life has been busy and there have been other priorities. We closed on our new house Friday, moved in on Saturday. We bought a new car since my husband’s commute now demands we become a two car family. All of this is very exciting, but I am still up to my eyeballs in boxes, my future sewing room is begging for some attention and those darn kids still want to eat several times every single day!

Meanwhile, my oldest started kindergarten Thursday (does this seem insanely early to anyone besides me?) and the middle daughter began preschool yesterday. We had to buy a new fridge because the one in the house was way too small for a family of 5 and then we found out it was manufactured in 1984! The dog escaped from the yard and we caught him tearing apart the neighbor’s garbage (welcome to the neighborhood!) so we had to fix the fence, and my husband removed the door to the utility room to install a kitty door so the dog will stop trying to eat the litter only to find that the hinge broke off with some wood from the door attached.

Today, though, I escaped and forgot all about all there is left to do and all that will be discovered to do and went to my first ever quilt guild meeting. I am now a due paying member of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild! It was so much fun to see what some of the members learned in a Jacquie Gering workshop last month and to see what people had finished during show and tell. I hope that I have something of my own to share very soon. Perhaps it will be “The Secret Project”. (wink)