Lonely #sewingroomcleanup

Have you been cleaning your sewing space this weekend? Did you link up your mess before picture in this blog post? You didn’t? Okay, I’ll wait while you go take a picture of your sewing space right now and put it out there with the promise to clean it up over the next 10 days. Don’t hide that “creative explosion”, show it off, but also, clean it up. I promise you will be more inspired and efficient in your newly (re-)tidied space. September 3rd, we’ll reveal our “after” spaces.

Meanwhile, I’ve been posting a few photos of my disastrous sewing space on Instagram with the hashtag #sewingroomcleanup.

So far, it’s just me. Which is fine, actually, because I really do want to have a usable sewing space again. But cleaning is so much more tolerable when you’re not doing it alone. Misery loves company? So, don’t leave me hanging, show me what you’re cleaning up over there!

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  1. Nanette
    Nanette says:

    I think I’m just embarrassed by the craftsplosion that is my basement, where I do all my sewing. If the link-up is still open next week, I’ll jump in–cleaning my sewing space is on the to-do list for my week off.

  2. Terry
    Terry says:

    Too bad, I did just clean up! But my version of ‘cleaned up’ is still not a ‘Martha’-looking sewing room. Organized chaos is more like it. I tried to take a photo, but the room is so small, I can’t get in there with the camera. My solution to fabric storage? I keep current projects in small plastic boxes under the table (who needs foot room?) AND I have a garage where I keep 8 large plastic(30 gal) tubs full of fabric. THAT is organized. I have it separated by color or type (batiks in one, baby prints, FQ, darks, lights, black, white muslin, etc.) I can walk out there, pull down a tub and find anything I need. Not a good solution for someone else who may live in an apartment- but it works for me.

  3. Terry
    Terry says:

    You asked, ‘how small is your space’? Tiny, but do-able. It’s the laundry room. Washer/dryer at one end, small table with sewing machine at the other. Lots of shelves over my head (I have had an avalanche or two).
    I use the top of the washer for my rotary cutting board and I made a dryer-top sized ironing board where I iron all my pieces. You can either have clean socks or quilt blocks depending on what day it is!
    I move to the dining room table when it is time to start putting the quilt together and I need more room.
    I enjoy your blog, thanks.

  4. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I didn’t post any pics, but I did spend all weekend cleaning my sewing room and re-organizing my scraps with new draws and bins and such…It felt really good, and I hate cleaning!

  5. Leigh Anne
    Leigh Anne says:

    I took pictures over the weekend and will link up with Thursday’s blog post. Just haven’t had a minute to write anything yet 🙂 And I’ve already started cleaning up as well!!

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