Tiny chair pocket

My oldest daughter is in kindergarten and I guess I must have admitted a talent with a sewing machine on a volunteer questionnaire I filled out at the beginning of the year. I had forgotten about it, but her teacher asked me if I could make some chair pockets so her students could get their supplies off the tables when they weren’t using them.

I agreed to make her a whole set, 24 tiny chair pockets, donating my time, if she would buy the fabric.

It’s a win-win really. I get to do something nice for my daughter’s teacher, and her teacher gets something she really likes for her classroom for less cost than the store-bought variety.

The design is super simple, just two pieces of fabric, and all straight lines.


The pockets are deep enough to hold a pencil box and wide enough for the kindergarten workbooks to fit nicely.


This Prototype I is bias bound along three sides, but for Prototype II, I just used bias on the two sides and closed the bottom of the pocket with a French seam.


The pocket itself is just a single piece of fabric, 4 inches wider than the body, and folded to make a gusset on each side.


Easy-peasy. We’ll see if I’m still saying that when I’ve made 24 of these!

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