March and Messes

Hey, it’s March 1st. March! I looked at this space yesterday and was shocked to realize that the last time I managed to  get myself together enough to have something to say here was January 15th. Six weeks ago! This was an unintended break, but I have some things I DO want to show you over the next few days and weeks.

IMG_1429 IMG_1451 IMG_1468 IMG_1565 IMG_144 moustache shirt

One of the primary reasons I started this blog two years ago was to have a place to trade inspiration in the sewing and quilting community. I’ve really learned a lot and developed my own creativity in from browsing what others are doing. I sort of feel like if I disappear from this blog I’m just taking and not giving. That’s a relationship that will never work.

I want to post more about the process we all go through while creating.

Would you be interested in a link up for Messes and Mess-ups?

I love seeing finished projects. I’m inspired by the huge pool of talent I see online. But sometimes I feel a little bit overwhelmed because everyone seems to be churning out beautiful, finished quilts, bags and other projects at top speed while I can barely find my cutting table for the mess stacked on top of it and I just sewed another block together upside down!

I thought if we could share about what happens before we reach the finish, including the mistakes and messy sewing spaces, we might understand that this Road of Creativity is bumpy sometimes, but we’re traveling with friends.


What do you say? Would you join me?

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  1. eva
    eva says:

    what a brilliant idea! we are all human and make mistakes no matter how perfect we think we are. good suggestion, it’s goo to have a laugh at yourself and laugh with others!

  2. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs
    Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs says:

    Gosh, I’d love to join you, but I just never make… kidding, of course! I think this is a great idea. Next time I screw up I need to remember to grab the camera and start a little dialogue for your link up : )

  3. Afton Warrick
    Afton Warrick says:

    What a great idea! Perhaps if we can learn from each other’s mistakes, we’ll make fewer of our own. If not, at least we won’t feel so bad about our imperfections. I’m in.

  4. Sandi
    Sandi says:

    I’m in. I often show a photo of what NOT to do when I make a mistake during a tutorial, but sharing whoopses and things we don’t like in the process is a great way to encourage people to try new things. Mistakes happen. No big deal. Sometimes they lead to better things, sometimes they just get fixed or even scrapped.

    • Gwendellyn
      Gwendellyn says:

      Me too! And I love when tutorials show you what it looks like when you’ve gone wrong. It’s important to know! My husband read through my Stash Bee block tutorial and remarked that he liked that I included a right-and-wrong photo comparison, haha.

      Love this whole idea, too! It’s always nice to know when you’re not alone in some of the errors you make, you know?

  5. Been
    Been says:

    When you mess up knitting you have two choice tink (also known as unknitting) or just leave it and hope no one else is bothered by it. I’ve been working on an antique lace baby afghan and for some reason I keep messing up. Some of them I’ve left and some I’ve fixed. *Sigh* Most difficult pattern I’ve done yet!

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