Messes and Mess-Ups Link Up: Damn Curtains

The creative journey, I would argue, is even more important than those amazing finishes. So why aren’t we more forthcoming with all that happens before we post that pretty picture of our latest finish?  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that mistakes and messes are part of the creative process. I wanted to start this link up for us to say, “I’ve been there, too!”

I thought this would be a weekly feature here on Sewing by Moonlight, but I think monthly is going to be a better fit. So the next time your sewing space is a disaster, or you accidentally sewed that piece on upside down, take a photo, and come share it here. We’ll share our messes and our mess-ups because we’re all on this journey together!


These damn curtains.


These are my living room curtains. I had such high hopes for them. I still have high hopes for them, but fixing them is not currently at the top of my priority list. I’m leaving them up because I need something up, and “that’ll do.”

They look okay in the photo above, don’t they? Don’t look too close though …


Ack! The one on the right is too short. It was WAY too short because I cut it without checking my measurements, and then I sewed the piece back on with a French seam, but I didn’t have enough for the curtain to drop below the trim where I want it. It’s just a wee bet too short.


And I can’t really lengthen it because the French seam is pretending to be the hem, but it’s actually disguising where I cut the curtain off too short. Sigh.


The other one, as you can see in the first photo, is completely unhemmed, but if I do hem it, it becomes too short. At this point, my plan is to removed the part that I added and then add a solid band to both curtains. Eventually.

On the quilting side of things: please tell me you’ve done this before. This is the back of a quilt along the edge. The batting flipped over and I didn’t notice and I quilted it right into my quilt. Enter seam ripper.


Your turn. What have you had to unsew recently?


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  1. melissa miller
    melissa miller says:

    I can’t speak of curtains because I have none in my house. But I have had the back of my quilt flip when I was quilting it. That’s always fun. Especially if you’re quilting stitches were good. I had a mess up not long ago and is another example of why I should carry reading glasses with me. I didn’t buy enough flannel for two pairs of pj pants I was going to make because I obviously couldn’t read the tiny fraction on the pattern envelope. The fabric isn’t available anymore. I have a pair of store bought pj pants that have a different fabric along the bottom of each leg. I think I’ll do that whenever I get around to working on those. Probably not until later this year.

  2. gwen
    gwen says:

    I am piecing a quilt with different size blocks and putting fillers in between. I have been ripping out and replacing blocks constantly. Really a challenge.

  3. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs
    Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs says:

    Just yesterday I was piecing strips to a foundation… one of the longer ones I hadn’t cut the tail off yet got tucked under and sewn into the seam of a following piece. Of course it was the special fussy cut piece that I had left long so I could cut it as close as possible when I trimmed the block to maintain as much of the print as possible! I did a good job ripping, though – no cuts thankfully! I forgot to take a pic, though – but I’ll start saving mine up for next month : ) As for your curtains, I actually think they’d look really good with a two foot swath of solid across the bottom – would fix your problem and add a nice color block accent! Either the deeper blue or green perhaps?

  4. Casey
    Casey says:

    Oh my gosh–I’m embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve had my batting or backing flip up when quilting. Also embarrassed to admit to what I usually say when I discover said mistake (although my husband finds it hilarious). I think the curtains will look fantastic with the solid bands on the bottom though!

  5. Peg
    Peg says:

    I’ve had this same type of thing happen, and it stinks. But, couldn’t you use a strip of another color at the very top, or an inch or so down? Heck, make ’em work!

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