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Minion Pinion

  A friend posted a picture of a minion in her Instagram feed, wondering if anyone had seen a pattern for one. She commented that she thought it would be great to have a minion in her sewing room with her. I thought that if one were going to have a minion in one’s sewing room, […]

Cancer sucks and I need your help

My dad has cancer. It’s not a secret, I just don’t talk about it because it makes me sad and angry and frustrated and a whole host of other emotions that don’t even have names. There aren’t words to describe how unsettled and out of sorts it makes me feel to know my dad has […]

Bill’s Star

My friend Bill wanted a handmade quilt for his bed. I can’t argue with that. If you are lucky enough to know a quilter who will make you a quilt for your bed (or you ARE a quilter), just know that you own a treasure because there are a LOT of hours that go into […]

Messes and Mess-Ups Link Up: Damn Curtains

The creative journey, I would argue, is even more important than those amazing finishes. So why aren’t we more forthcoming with all that happens before we post that pretty picture of our latest finish?  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that mistakes and messes are part of the creative process. I wanted to start this link […]

Messes and Mess-Ups: Link Up

I love this online community of creative people. There is so much amazing talent out there; so many inspiring projects to spark our own creativity. I’m thrilled that there are link-ups specifically designed so that this community can share projects, trade ideas, and inspire one another. Whether it’s a sneak peek of a work in […]

March and Messes

Hey, it’s March 1st. March! I looked at this space yesterday and was shocked to realize that the last time I managed to  get myself together enough to have something to say here was January 15th. Six weeks ago! This was an unintended break, but I have some things I DO want to show you […]


I was chatting with my mom about my sewing projects and she mentioned that while she works on one project and then moves on, I seem to always be working on several concurrently. No, no, I assured her. The list is long, and while I rotate through the list, my focus is usually on one […]

The List makes a comeback

For some time, I was in the habit of posting my works in progress in the form of The List each week. This was good for me, as it allowed me to see where I was and what I had to do, and it was also a good way to share with all of you […]

Table Top Turkey Trot

I’ve been so wrapped up in three additional days off school for the kids (yes, we are now on our THIRD snow day in a row; they are climbing the walls!) that I totally missed my dresden turkey table runner tutorial (isn’t that a mouthful) being posted over at Moda Bakeshop! The  idea for this […]

Half Square Triangles 101

Alternate Title: For Rachel and Colin’s Wedding Quilt Alternate Title: How to make a quilt block when you’ve never sewn a quilt block before IMPORTANT: Your quilt block must finish at exactly 9.5 inches. That’s a 9-inch block with 1/4 inch seam allowance all the way around. If it’s a touch bigger, that’s okay; it can […]