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Tree block inspiration

I joined a group on Flickr called Bee a {modern} swapper.  Basically, the premise is this: every other month, we alternate exchanging quilting blocks (an online quilt bee); and on the opposing months, there is a swap of some handmade item that you are welcome to join (or not).  During each of the bee block […]

Fabric Friday + a poll

Many months ago, I won a yard of fabric from rufflefabric.com in a giveaway on No Big Dill.    I let Sierra pick the fabric and as she loves all things green, it’s no surprise she picked this chartreuse ruffle fabric.  I have always intended this fabric to become a skirt for Sierra (she did […]

One thing, one week challenge: SUCCESS! [mostly]

Last week, I commented that the one thing I would finish for the One Thing, One Week Challenge was Leah’s mei tai.  I did!  I finished it Sunday night!  Go me.  However, because I am just now getting around to writing this post, I could not actually enter the giveaway for succeeding with my challenge. […]

Fabric Friday: Joel Dewberry

Remember “Show and Tell”?  Yeah, me too.  One of the best parts of the week for a grade schooler!  All week long, you wait for Friday, when you can bring that special something to school, that something that makes you so happy that you just have to show everyone!   That’s how I feel about […]


My original plan with getting this business up and running was to buy a few supplies, make a few items, use what I hope will be a little profit to buy a few more supplies and then go from there.  As I make preparations to make this happen, however, I came to realize that, in […]

One Thing One Week Challenge

Yesterday, Amy challenged her readers to leave a comment about ONE THING we would finish this week.  Next Monday, we report back.  A success means that we are entered in a drawing for a fabric prize. While a fabric prize would be lovely, my goal this week would be the same even without the challenge. […]

Change (will do you good?)

I changed the header on this blog again.  For the 7th time. Last night I asked my dear husband if he liked this one better than the last one.  I think I may have exasperated him a tad.  “Em!” he said, “You are being completely neurotic.  Stop changing it!  I like them all.”  Well.  I’m […]

Bee Happy

My first ever round of an online quilt bee is all wrapped up.  All the blocks I made are in the hands of their intended recipients, and I have received four marvelous blocks in my own color scheme in the mail! This particular online bee, the 4×5 Modern Quilt Bee, works like this.  Each quarter […]

Pin cushion caddy tutorial

I’ve been thrilled with how some flickr groups I’ve joined lately have really encouraged my creativity.  One of those groups is Bee a {modern} swapper.  Every other month for the next year, we will make two quilt blocks for one of our group members.  On the opposing months, there is a swap of a different […]