Fabric Friday {on Saturday}

I meant to post this eye-candy-for-the-fabric-lover yesterday, but I spent most of the morning setting up for a track meet, most of the afternoon and early evening at that track meet, and a good chunk of later evening compiling results.  I just wanted to go to bed!

I ordered this several weeks ago, and I love it, so I just have to share.  This is the first time I’ve ordered a “fat quarter bundle” of every print in one color line of a fabric line.  I knew about this fabric, Fly Away, by Amy Schimler for Robert Kaufman fabrics before it came out because I subscribe to Amy’s blog.  I loved it from the very first sneak peeks, and I actually anticipated its release.

When I had these happily in my hands, I decided that a mere 18×22 inches simply was not a enough, so I ordered a full yard of a few of my favorite prints.

Including an extra owl panel because, seriously, how cute are those little guys?!

I don’t have a project planned for these fabrics just yet.  Do you have any great suggestions about what I should make (when I get the courage to cut it!)?

Fabric Friday + a poll

Many months ago, I won a yard of fabric from rufflefabric.com in a giveaway on No Big Dill.    I let Sierra pick the fabric and as she loves all things green, it’s no surprise she picked this chartreuse ruffle fabric.  I have always intended this fabric to become a skirt for Sierra (she did choose it!) but it has sat and sat in my sewing space, as I’ve been completely uninspired about how to actually construct the skirt.  I could have just sewed it up and added a waistband, but it needed something more.

Last weekend, inspiration struck.  My friend Sarah hosted a Matilda Jane trunk show at her house.  I didn’t have the budget to purchase any of the lovely items she had for sale that day (my budget is going toward fabric and supplies to move my business forward at the moment), when I saw this skirt, I knew just what to do.  This ruffle fabric needed a fun print at the top to make it complete.  So, now I’m ready to make this skirt, but I just can’t decide white print to pair it with.

Here are the options; each picks up a bit of that green in the ruffles:

Left to right: Timeless Treasures Owl Floral, Quilting Treasure Splendid Rhapsody, Michael Miller Beatrice Bloom, Blue Hill Fabric Basics Multi Dots on Black, Michael Miller Bird Song

Okay, I’m going to attempt my first poll: which do you like best?

I tried three times (from two different poll makers) to make a poll, but I couldn’t get it to embed. Just leave your thoughts in the comments, please. And any thoughts on how to add a poll to a blog post!


Fabric Friday: Joel Dewberry

Remember “Show and Tell”?  Yeah, me too.  One of the best parts of the week for a grade schooler!  All week long, you wait for Friday, when you can bring that special something to school, that something that makes you so happy that you just have to show everyone!  

That’s how I feel about fabric.  I buy fabric sometimes for an intended project, but sometimes just because it’s wonderful and beautiful and catches my eye, knowing that eventually it will want to be made into something lovely.  Fabric junkies call this the “stash”.    It’s a collection, really, like baseball cards or stamps or coins (or peacocks or snow people or antique dishes or those carved wooden figures).

So, let’s have grown-up show and tell on Friday!  I shall try and make this a regular occurrence.  I will show and tell some fabric, and you can show and tell (if you have a blog) or just tell (in the comments) fabric or anything you’re loving right now.

These are all fabrics by Joel Dewberry.  The one on the left is from a collection called Meadow Sweet, but the colors work nicely with the rest, which are all from the Heirloom collection.

From top to bottom: nap sack, rose bouquet, chrysanthemum

From top to bottom: empire weave, marble stripe, tile flourish (all from the Sapphire palette of Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom collection).

So tell me: what do you collect?  Or show me some fabric!

Also tell me: should I iron these fabrics before I take a picture, or does it not matter?  I’m just going to fold them back up because I’m not currently making anything with them!