Hey there!

I was supposed to put up an “after” link up so we could all see how well we’ve cleaned up our sewing spaces.

I didn’t forget. I just … um … didn’t get mine cleaned up yet. It’s close, though. Very close. Here’s what it’s looking like currently. Progress is definitely being made!

Look, my sewing desk finally made it into the room. And I found thread and hung it on the wall.

IMG_9429 IMG_9629

Things are finding homes on shelves, and most of the boxes are unpacked. I still have a few miscellaneous items to go, though.

IMG_9440 IMG_9630

I relocated a few more shelves for this corner from another room.

IMG_9432 IMG_9632

I bought some bed risers for my cutting table, though I think I might put it in the corner under the two high shelves and move my antique Singer to its place.

IMG_9431 IMG_9631


So you see, I have been tackling this project a little at a time. There have been other distractions, though. Tonight, hubs and I spent the entirety of the evening removing a door and reinstalling a new one. Why do home projects take 3 times longer than you anticipated?!

I also repainted the dining area of our eat-in kitchen. But I had “help”, which meant it actually took longer than it would have had the “help” been less helpful. Know what I mean?



So, how’s your clean-up going? You’re probably all finished, right? Neat and organized and ready to link up. I’ll make it happen this week, even if I have to shove those last 3 boxes in the back of my closet!

Missing you

I’m really missing the interaction that I usually look for in this awesome online sewing and quilting community. I’m also missing my sewing time as there has been very little of that lately.

Life has been busy and there have been other priorities. We closed on our new house Friday, moved in on Saturday. We bought a new car since my husband’s commute now demands we become a two car family. All of this is very exciting, but I am still up to my eyeballs in boxes, my future sewing room is begging for some attention and those darn kids still want to eat several times every single day!

Meanwhile, my oldest started kindergarten Thursday (does this seem insanely early to anyone besides me?) and the middle daughter began preschool yesterday. We had to buy a new fridge because the one in the house was way too small for a family of 5 and then we found out it was manufactured in 1984! The dog escaped from the yard and we caught him tearing apart the neighbor’s garbage (welcome to the neighborhood!) so we had to fix the fence, and my husband removed the door to the utility room to install a kitty door so the dog will stop trying to eat the litter only to find that the hinge broke off with some wood from the door attached.

Today, though, I escaped and forgot all about all there is left to do and all that will be discovered to do and went to my first ever quilt guild meeting. I am now a due paying member of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild! It was so much fun to see what some of the members learned in a Jacquie Gering workshop last month and to see what people had finished during show and tell. I hope that I have something of my own to share very soon. Perhaps it will be “The Secret Project”. (wink)