Works in Progress: Mission mei tai complete

Phew!  This has been a busy day (and a busy week, and it seems thing won’t ease up around here for a few more!).  I had hoped to post my Works in Progress today while Sierra was in preschool, who knew I would end up staying to work the whole time.  Anyway, here is what has happen in my sewing room this week:

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along: create back.  No progress.

2.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin: finish top.  No progress.

3.  Quilt for Brian.  Minimal progress.   I received a few blocks in the mail to add to this quilt.  It’s actually getting to be sizable with the blocks I’ve made + received.  I need to lay them all out and see how we’re looking.

4.  Mei tais.  Finished!  I’m so pleased that I finished not one, but two mei tais this week.  I still have to mail Gaby’s (another task that was derailed today), but they are done!

4a. for Gaby #2
4b. for Kathleen5.  Equilateral triangle hexagon block tutorial.  Progress.  I took step by step photos as I made my sample block for the 4×5 Bee and I will use these to write the tutorial.

6.  4×5 Bee Blocks.  Progress.  Sample is finished and I have completed the “hard part” for all my bee members.

6a.  Samples: hexagon.  Finished.  This is what the finished block for the 4×5 Bee and my tutorial will look like.  I’m calling it “Multiples of 3” because the hexagon is made up of triangles, each composed of 3 pieces, and there are a total of 18 pieces in the hexagon and 24 pieces in the block.  6b.  Blocks for bee members (5).  Progress.  All that’s left is to add the background on all five blocks.  7. Gathered clutches.  No progress.

8.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote.  Minimal progress.

8a. Gracie tote.  All pieces are cut out.

9.  Ba{M}S mini quilt.  No progress.  

So, now The List looks like this for next week:

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along: create back.
2.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin: finish top
3.  Quilt for Brian.
4.  Equilateral triangle hexagon block tutorial
5.  4×5 Bee Blocks
6. Gathered clutches.
7.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote
7a. Gracie tote
8.  Ba{M}S mini quilt

Wow!  Look how short that list is!  Now, go and see what others are working on this week!

Grand Opening Giveaway WINNER! declares the winner to be comment #14.

That’s Beth, who says:

You are so talented! I can’t wait to see what your store is going to be like. I prefer plain colors so they go with any outfit, or muted patterns like light green on dark green. Of course, I also love the kid stuff. Ellie is a huge fan of pink, purple, and things that sparkle.

Since Beth’s comment indicates that this clutch is perhaps a little more bold than her preferred style choices, I’m going to give her a choice:

1.  I’ll send you this one and you can gift it to whomever you choose.

2.  I’ll make you something a little more muted and put this one in my shop.

Send me an email, Beth!


Works in Progress: this week’s BIG success

I finally set a goal to open my Sewing by Moonlight Etsy shop by my birthday.  That’s today!  And I’m so thrilled to say that my Etsy shop IS open (even if there are only 7 things in it right now).  This has been a long, LONG work in progress, and in fact, it’s still in progress.  But the fact that there are items in my shop (even if I haven’t sold any of them) makes me giddy.  Which reminds me: There are only a few hours left to enter the giveaway for one of my clutches to celebrate the grand opening!  

As for the rest of The List, here’s what was on it last week:

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along: create back.  No progress.   Must order fabric.

2. Gathered clutches.  Progress.  I finished the “rush order” for my friend Sarah and one more, which is happily waiting for a buyer.

3.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote.  Progress.  I finished one more because I wanted to time myself to see how long it takes to construct one, start to finish.  In case you were wondering: 1 hour and ten minutes, assuming I have that much uninterrupted time to sew!
4.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin: finish top.  No progress.

5.  Quilt for Brian.  Progress.  But not on account of me.  I have several more blocks to add, but only because my mom came to visit and brought 4, and I received 2 in the mail from Karri.

6.  Equilateral triangle hexagon block tutorial.  No progress.  Blah.

7.  Safe Motherhood Quilt Project block.  Finished!  I can’t wait to show this to you, but I’m just getting around to writing this post, and it’s dark, and I just sprayed the block with water to erase the pen from the embroidery.  It’s a mess.

8.  English paper piecing Rose Star wall hanging.  Progress.  I have 1/2 of the pieces sewn on to the center.  My day for the Traveling PicStitch blog hop is next week, so I hope I can finish by then!  Eek!

9.  Mei tais.  Minimal progress.  Straps are ready to be finished and attached for Gaby’s #1, straps are cut out and ready to get padding and be sewn for Gaby’s #2, and I have to purchase strap fabric for Kat’s.
9a. for Gaby #1
9b. for Gaby #2
9c: for Kathleen

10.  Laundry bag for Virginia.  No progress.  It was on the list for today, but life happened.

11.  4×5 Bee Blocks.  No progress.  Fail.  I had hoped to move forward with these this week.
11a.  Samples: hexagon + boxes
11b.  Blocks for bee members (5)

12. Tutu (for me).  Finished.  I have a lunch date next week for a photo op with my other tutu-wearing runners.  I still can’t believe I made a tutu for myself!  Ha!

I feel like I had that “No progress” notation with many of the items on The List this week.  However, the big finish makes me not at all sad about that!  Here’s The List now:

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along: create back.
2.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin: finish top
3.  Quilt for Brian.
4.  Equilateral triangle hexagon block tutorial
5.  English paper piecing Rose Star wall hanging.
6.  Mei tais
6a. for Gaby #1
6b. for Gaby #2
6c: for Kathleen
7.  Laundry bag for Virginia
8.  4×5 Bee Blocks
8a.  Samples: hexagon + boxes
8b.  Blocks for bee members (5)
9. Gathered clutches.
10.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote

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